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How We Became So Much More Than Hair Extensions

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Weave Life Inc was started in the Basement of a house in the NE of Calgary. We did Lashes and Spray Tans, Weaves and really anything beauty related we could; but most of all we did LOVE.

Our clients became our Family, we laughed and cried with them, rallied with them when their lives got hard and would share our own stories. Weave Life became a brand. A brand that was so much more than all of the other Corporate Beauty Parlours out there; we didn't just weave hair;

We would:

Weave Love. Weave Beauty. Weave Life.

Our Studio Salon now resides in one of the trendiest Beauty Communities in the Province: Citizen Salon Studios, and as we move forward to greater heights, or should I say lengths, we continue to grow into new areas and keep our dreams alive. We believe in "Empowering Women one Weave at a time" and that hair can be so much more than just services. 

Through our online media, our in Studio heart talks, and by partnering with the Canadian Physique Alliance for Bodybuilding, we continue to look at new ways to Weave Life! 

We would like to thank you all for believing in us always. Many of you have lived our Revival Story with us, and because of you, we are able to continue to support and be passionately involved in our Community & helping others.

Love Always,

Bella Harrison

Creator & CEO

Weave Life Inc

"What we think, we become"


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