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But How Long Does It Last?

Braidless Weave Extensions need to be tightened only every 4-6 weeks. The hair itself is Premium Virgin Vietnamese or a Euro/Chinese Blend depending on the colour & guaranteed by Weave Life for 1 year. Alberta's dry weather and cold snaps, overheating with styling tools or regular wear & tear always causes some minor breakage. Using conditioning treatments & sealing gloss serums help significantly with maintaining the integrity of the hair. These are available for sale in the Salon.

Hair Salon Hairdresser
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I heard it ruins your hair..

We've all heard it, the dreaded comments about horror tape ins or single stranded, rat-tailed nightmares. Rest easy knowing this method is easily maintained without damage. As long as you blow dry and not air dry your weave, that proper brushing occurs, and regularly scheduled tightens occur, you will maintain superbly healthy locks.

Straight Hair Model

But what if I have thin hair?

No problem! We customize your Extension thickness and weight to match your hair. By putting less hair in your rows, especially around the face, we can ensure damage is averted.

Model with Curly Hair

How much money are we talking here?

The average Extension Install in Alberta is currently between $1500 and $2000. Because we own our own Premium Hair Line & source directly from the Factory, we are able to offer installs on average for between $600 and $800 all in!

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